Sallie Owes Me 54 cents- Whose Your Mommy Now?

      I copy and pasted this Sallie Mae page so ya’ll can see what being debtfree looks like:     Skip to Main Content                   Apply For A New Loan My Account #9960148096                 LIVE CHATOpens a new window                          Welcome                        ELIZABETH Logout                             <!–NavBarOptionsMap = Map<NavBarMenuOptions, Map<Platform, List>> –> MY LOANS <!– navigationSubMenuOptionMap […]

This is What I Posted on Dave Ramsey’s Web Site

Thirteen years ago I graduated from college with a BA in Humanities. For years, I’ve been trying to pay down the debt, which had risen, with interest, to about $62,000 at one point. (The original loan was $36,000.00) I couldn’t seem to get it together to pay off the debt. Just before my 50th birthday, […]

Paid In Full

It’s done, over, finis.  We managed to scrape together the last $1056.99 for the 4-day pay-off today.  At 8 this morning, I made my last payment to Sallie Mae forever. The debt has been permanently banished to the place from whence it came: the dark hellish ether of fractional reserve banking. So here’s a fun fact for you.  Debt […]


I’m waiting for two payments to post at Sallie Mae.  When they do, my loan balance will at $1050.00.  By next pay or sooner, this will be finished.  So, on or by November 4th the last payment will go out to Sallie Mae.  Then it’s over. This waiting sucks. On the other hand, I feel […]

All In

 A Paltry $1051.80 + Interest Stand Between Me and Freedom There was yet one more heart-pounding talk with Jim today and this thing is almost done.  We decided to take all of the cash we had left, emergency funds, rainy day funds, the whole lot and threw it at my loan.  I don’t give a damn if I have […]

D-Day – December 25th 2013 – Spoiler Alert

My apologies to the World War II generation for co-opting the “D-Day” moniker but I couldn’t resist. Two days ago a discussion took place between myself and Jim. He’s been saving money in a cruising fund for a while now but it’s been burning a hole in his pocket.  I think he finally got fed up with […]

8 Month Countdown

I did some recalculations today and have created an eight month countdown for my loan.  This means that I need to come up with $2400/monthly for the next eight months to have my loan paid off by June 2014.  I broke this down into more specific amounts because I wanted to know exactly, to the […]

Like Running a Marathon

I’ve never run a marathon but Jim has.  In fact, he’s run a couple of them.  I was telling Jim where I’m at in my head on paying off my loan and he said, “That’s what it’s like to run a marathon.” You pass milepost 18 or perhaps 21.  Somewhere in there the mind starts […]

Faith in Things Unseen

Last April, I really, really, really wanted to have my loan paid down to under $20,000 by this October.  I didn’t know how I was going to do it, because, to do it, I would have to come up with about $11,000.  Ack!!! Last April, I was working part-time, seasonally, AGAIN, at West Marine.  My […]